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  • Language Leader is a set of programs that help teach English to a number of different skill levels, like college and high school students, plus GED and English as a second language
  • Testimonials on the My English Lab website offer real world examples of just how effective the Language Lab courses are

Language Leader is a suite of programs with English courses for learners of all levels, including college, high school, GED, and English as a second language. Language Leader even offers instruction courses for those looking to learn to teach English, like TESOL.

Users who are taking advantage of Language Leader services can also register for My English Lab, the online companion to Language Leader. The online Language Leader program includes online presentations, lecture recordings, and hands on demonstrations.

My English Lab courses for adults include courses like “Academic Connections,” designed for students preparing for academic study, “Cutting Edge,” a class that carries a special task based approach, and “Top Notch,” which helps develop confidence and fluency in speakers who will then be able to use their newfound skills for socializing, traveling, furthering their education and more.

Secondary classes offered from My English Lab range from “Gold Experience,” which helps teenagers prepare for school exams, “Next Move,” which backs up the classroom with teachings that coincide with interests today’s teens.

The My English Lab website offers plenty of testimonials as to the success of their tools, like students who have used Language Lab for ESL classes.

To contact My English Lab:

  • EPSupport@pearsoned.com