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My Family Mobile Activation

  • Customers can activate a WalMart Family Mobile phone completely online, and their phone will be ready to use instantly
  • People activating a Walmart Family Mobile cell phone will also need their driver’s license or other personal identification
  • When a Family Mobile plan is purchased, the customer will receive an activation kit in the mail, and they’ll be able to choose an “Unlimited Everything” plan when they start their service

To get started activating a My Family Mobile line from WalMart , customers just need to have a few things with them. They will need the “Family Mobile” phone and the original packaging it came in and a Family Mobile starter kit (one for each line being activated). These Family Mobile activation starter kits can be purchased at any participating Walmart store.

If this is the first phone on a plan being activated, customers just need to click the “Next” button to begin activation. If this phone is being added to a current plan, customers just need to login with their Family Mobile phone number an password.

My Family Mobile Activation Comments

  • Activation is free
  • When a Family Mobile plan is activated, the customer will receive a text message 16 to 18 days after their service starteR
  • Most GSM phones (meaning those that use a SIM card) are able to be used with Family Mobile, they will just have to be unlocked first
  • The first Family Mobile bill will be due 30 to 35 days after service is activated

More to Know About Family Mobile From WalMart

Family Mobile is Walmart’s postpaid cell phone service that’s provided through the T-Mobile cellular network. Walmart’s Family Mobile plans are some of the lowest priced “everything included” cell phone plans, meaning they have unlimited text, calling, and Internet usage.  Any questions in regards to the My Family Activation service can be directed to 877-440-9758 or via US Mail at Family Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 3220, Albuquerque, NM 87190

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