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Send Text Online

  • Use this widget to send a text message to any Cricket customer
  • You can text up to 5 Cricket lines at once
  • Just enter the number(s) that you want to text, your number, and your message

Just about everyone communicated by text message these days. It’s a pretty convenient method to send a quick message – until you don’t have your phone with you. In most cases, you’d be out of luck. But if the person you’re trying to text message has a Cricket Wireless phone, help is here! Thanks to an online system they have set up, you have the ability to send a text straight from your web browser. You don’t even need to have a cell phone!

When you logon to use this Widget, you can send a text message to any Cricket customer without even having your cell phone. You’re able to send a text to up to five Cricket lines at once. When you enter the phone numbers you want to text, don’t enter any parentheses, spaces, or dashes.

Before you send your message, you’ll be asked to complete a small, simple task like choosing one box that has an arrow from a series. This helps makes sure that no automated systems are sending texts through this widget. Just type your message, click “Send Now,” and you’re all set! There’s no limit to the number of messages you can send, and no limit to how long each message can be.

Cricket Wireless holds no responsibility for messages sent through this system, and is also not responsible for any messages that aren’t sent or if a message is intercepted by a third party. This online messaging widget is subject to terms of use, any anyone abusing the system is subject to penalties and punishments.

To contact Cricket customer support:

  • 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538)
  • Use their live online chat