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My Anthem Choices

  • Operated by Anthem Inc.
  • Anthem BCBS customers can search for plans that their preferred doctor already accepts, or look through insurance plans to find a doctor close to their location
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield tax credit subsidy estimator even gives applicants an idea of what their monthly cost will be with each plan

To use the My Anthem Choices service, users will need to be Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members. They can log in with their normal Anthem.com login information, or they can log in with their BCBS identification number, name, date of birth, and ZIP code. Anthem health insurance customers can even create an online profile for the My Anthem Choices service so they can save their application and finish it up at a later time. The plans listed on My Anthem Choices are all plans that are available, and any plan that is listed when a customer logs in is available for that customer to sign up for. Changes that a customer makes using the My Anthem Choices service will take effect during the next open enrollment period, which is usually in the fall of each calendar year. Please note the My Anthem Choices services is set up for customers who have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance to compare available health plans and choose the one that best fits their needs

My Anthem Choices

  • An ideal tool for those shopping around for health insurance at the best price
  • Can be used by both Anthem and non Anthem customers

More to Know About Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem is the biggest for profit privately managed health care association in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. The Anthem BCBS company began in 2004 when the Anthem Insurance Company purchased WellPoint Health Networks. The company has an annual revenue of over $67 billion and just over 37,000 employees around the world.

To contact BCBS Anthem about health insurance changes:

  • 800-654-9338
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, P.O. Box 430, North Haven, CT 06473

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