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Lowe’s Visa Credit Center

  • Lowe’s Visa Credit Card holders can now access account information online at Lowe’s Visa Credit Center
  • The Lowe’s Visa Credit Center allows cardholders to pay their bills, schedule payments, request credit limit increases, view online statements, and more
  • If you don’t have an existing online account, no worries – it’s easy to set up. Just make sure you have your social security number and credit card on hand during the setup process

Manage your Lowe’s Visa card conveniently, any time, totally on your schedule. With Lowe’s Visa Credit Center, you can make your payment, manage automatic withdrawals, and more. Lowe’s Visa Credit Center offers total account management, all from the comfort of your own home.

Important Information

  • Lowe’s Visa Credit Center services are only available to Lowe’s credit card holders
  • Before you can take advantage of the Credit Center’s services, you must register for an online account
  • In addition to managing bills and monitoring your spending, you can use the Lowe’s Visa Credit Center to add authorized users, request credit limit increases, and even contact Lowe’s directly via an exclusive members-only secure email system

Lowe’s created the Visa Credit Center to make sure cardholders have a convenient way to access their vital card information at any time.  Take advantage of these services by paying your bills on time, watching your spending, and managing your account responsibly.

How to Register

  • Visit lowesvisacredit.com and click “Register Here” at the bottom of the cardmember login box
  • Follow the on screen instructions. Double-check all your entries for accuracy to prevent any processing delays
  • Once you’ve set up your username and password, just confirm your account and you’re set – you can log in and manage your account any time

Once registered, be sure to take full advantage of the Lowe’s Visa Credit Center. Manage authorized users, order replacement cards, view spending limits, and more easily. Sign up today to start using these amazing (and completely free) services.


  • www.lowesvisacredit.com