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  • Lexus Financial Services is the premier destination to learn more about financing a Lexus, or to manage Lexus financing already in place
  • Potential Lexus customers can actually estimate what their payment would be by selecting the vehicle they like, and entering a little bit of personal finance information. The actual APR will vary once the Lexus dealer has terms in place
  • Statements on the Lexus finance page are generally about 17 days before the scheduled due date

The “Pay Online” portion of the Lexus financing website lets customers make a payment towards their loan account, see when their last Lexus payment was made, and check the status of a recently made payment. Pay Online is for scheduling a one-time payment for a Lexus. Pay Online for a Lexus is available even if the billing statement hasn’t been received yet.

There is no fee for making a Lexus payment online, but certain financial institutions may charge a fee for an ACH transfer. There is also no limit to the number of payments that can be made each month through the Lexus online payment program. Same day Lexus payment processing ends at 5 p.m. Pacific time, so as long as a payment is made before that time, it will be applied to that day. Customers who want to set up a recurring payment that automatically comes out each month will need to select the “Lexus Auto Check” program.

How Does the Lexus Military Discount Work?

Lexus financing offers a discount to all active duty military personnel, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Public Health Officers who are detailed to the Army and military reserve and guardsmen who are called to active duty are also included.

  • The Lexus military discount also extends to spouses and dependents in many cases

To contact Lexus financing:

  • (800) 874-7050

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