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  • Kansas residents can visit the KSWebTags web site to renew their vehicle registration
  • When a vehicle is renewed with the Kansas online system, the new decal or license plate will be mailed to the residence within 10 days from the county’s treasurer
  • Only vehicles that are eligible for the online Kansas vehicle renewal are assigned a PIN. The Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles or the treasurer’s office can not issue a PIN

The state of Kansas has an online e-tag system (i.e. KSWEBTags) that allows residents to renew their car registration online. To renew a Kansas vehicle registration online, customers will need to go through four easy steps:  entering the alphanumeric PIN and vehicle year, verifying their vehicle’s specific information like make, model, and year, choosing how payment will be made,  and taking down the Kansas renewal authorization and confirmation number .

KS WEB Tags Comments

  • There is a processing fee for using the Kansas online vehicle renewal system, but the fee is assessed per transaction, no matter how many vehicles are renewed
  • Those funds go towards the cost of building, enhancing, protecting, and maintaining the online Kansas.gov government portal

Traditional vehicle renewal through the mail is still available for Kansas residents who choose to do so. New vehicle registration cannot be done online. If corrections need to be made to a Kansas vehicle registration, that must be also done through the mail.

More about the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles

  • The Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles is a part of the Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Headquarters are located in the capital city of Topeka
  • The KDOR also handles tax collection, property valuations, distribution of alcoholic beverages, enforcing  liquor laws, motor vehicle and trailer titles, and more.

Any questions about the KSWEB Tags service can be directed to the Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles at 785-296-3621 or for those who like to conduct business face to face can show up at Docking State Office Bldg. 1st Floor, 915 SW Harrison, Topeka, Ks 66612.

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