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Kids Act On Energy Survey

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  • Energy conservation starts with today’s kids, so it’s important for them to understand how to save energy, and how much energy a home really uses
  • Kids Act on Energy offers teachers the opportunity to have a free energy presentation in their classroom

Kids Act on Energy knows that energy conservation is important, and that the best way to save energy in the future is to teach the kids of today. The Kids Act on Energy survey will have kids conduct an energy survey of their home, including counting the number of light bulbs (making sure to count closets and the garage, or fixtures with more than one bulb), and checking the home’s water heater to see what the temperature is.

The Kids Act Energy Survey will also have children count the number of bathroom fixtures in a home, to really understand how much water is used by a shower and a sink, and even count how much water is used in a home’s kitchen. Once this survey is complete, kids will have a great understanding of how much energy really goes in to daily life, and what they can do to be a part of saving energy.

Kids Act on Energy from e-smart kids has a wide variety of free resources, including classroom study guides and tests that can be printed for completely free. The Kids Act Energy website even has an energy glossary that breaks down complicated terms into words that kids can understand and utilize. The eKids program even offers the chance to have an in class presentation about energy and energy conservation completely free.

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