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Jet Blue Business Card

  • Customers who have a Jet Blue Business credit card can logon to access their account, including viewing the account balance, making a payment to a JetBlue credit card, and more
  • On each Jet Blue Business card, both the business name and the employee’s name are displayed on the front for easy security verification
  • Companies who have a JetBlue Business credit card can logon to check the balance on their JetBlue Business card, see recent transactions, and change employees access

Jet Blue’s Business credit card has a number of great advantages for people who travel often for business like the ability to separate business and personal expenses to make record keeping simple, a dedicated credit line just for business expenses, the ability to create unique card numbers for employees (so the card owner can see a consolidated summary of all expenses), and control over each individual employee’s credit line (also the ability to limit employees single purchases and cash access).

Jet Blue Business Card Comments

All charges are separated by card number on the monthly billing statement sent to your attention. All activity for you and your employees is neatly consolidated monthly into one total outstanding balance on one billing statement.

How does the Jet Blue Business Credit Card Work?

The Jet Blue Business credit card works by issuing a line of credit overall to a business (like a master account that every employee can access). The business decides what employees they want to have a business credit card, and Jet Blue will issue separate cards with unique card numbers to chosen workers. The company who controls the credit card controls how much of the Jet Blue credit line that each individual employee can use.

To contact a representative of the Jet Blue Business Credit Card

  • 866-383-8317
  • Business Card Services, PO Box 84030, Columbus, GA 31908-4030

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