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JABIL Benefits HR In Touch

  • Benefits can be accessed while at home lounging on the couch, traveling, or on the job
  • Users can also use the service to make elections, including new hire, qualified events, and open enrollment
  • Health and Welfare benefits available to those who qualify

The JABIL Benefits HR In Touch is designed for all  employees of Jabil and is free to use.  The service is super simple to use however, those who encounter a problem or have any questions or need assistance should reach out to their local Jabil Human Resources representative or the Benefits department.

JABIL Benefits HR In Touch Comments

  • First time users will have to go through a bothersome “Create an Account” process before access is granted
  • The “create an account” process requires the employee to create a unique user name & password
  • Those who have lost or forgot their password will have to go through a password reset
  • The password resets process can be started by selecting “Can’t access your account” and then follow the easy steps (this should take less than 5 inutes to complete)
  • The employee will be asked to create a new password upon the reset
  • The service is operated by BenefitsFocus

Benefits Focus Inc is based at 100 Benefitfocus Way, Charleston, SC 29492 and can be reached by calling 855-221-6400.  Besides Charleston they also have offices in San Fransisco, Tulsa, and Greenville.  The firm is headed by Shawn Jenkins who is the Chief Executive Officer & Mason Holland who is the Executive Chairman of the Board.  Benefit Focus is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol BNFT and the corporate office phone number is listed as 843-849-7476.   Competition to the firm comes in the form of DST Systems Inc. and McKesson Corporation.

Any questions about the Jabil Benefits Service Center can be directed to a customer service agent at 844-267-2359.

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