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I Want My TV Magazine

  • Provide a zip code to start the online subscription process
  • Once a zip code has been provided the customer will be shown a variety of offers associated with their area
  • Payments can be made via any major US credit card (i.e. Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard)

When making a payment to I Want My TV Magazine please note the payment will show up on the customer’s credit bill as  “NTVB Media”.  Upon sign up the customer will also have to provide their name, street address, email address, and phone number.

I Want My TV Magazine Comments

  • Customers who are just looking to renew their subscription can simply provide their email address associated with their account
  • Those who do not have an email address should use their Subscription ID or zip code to renew or get support
  • TV Weekly subscription rates will vary based on delivery method and region
  • TV Weekly works very hard to ensure the customer receives the best rates available
  • Duplicate subscriptions should be merged into one account for convenience sake but this is not required
  • Every beat-the-price increase renewal qualifies for a 4-week bonus added to the end of your existing subscription… please allow up to 6 days for this bonus to be processed from the date of the renewal order
  • Payments by mail are accepted… please allow up to 4 weeks for a payment by mail to process (making a payment by credit card is the recommended payment method)

Please note any renewal to an existing TV Weekly subscription tacks onto the end of that subscription… So for example if a I Want My TV Magazine customer has 12 weeks remaining, and they then renew for 52 weeks, you will have 66 weeks remaining.  Any questions related to the I Want My TV Magazine promotional offer can be directed to a Subscriber Service Specialists at 888-584-6688.

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