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If you have a relative or a loved one in prison, then you know that commissary credits are the lifeline of anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be incarcerated.

To them, prison commissary credits are like cash or debit cards to us.

In most correctional facilities in the US, inmates are only allowed to purchase snacks, writing instruments, spices, stamps , hygiene items through such commissary accounts.

However, these credit accounts can be funded by friends or relatives of the inmate. This policy was introduced as a measure of eliminating the need for possessing cash while inside the prison facilities.

Typically, inmates are not allowed to have cash on them as long as they are serving time in a federal penitentiary.

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Inmate Financial Services Notes

It’s against this background that the Inmate Financial Credits System at InmateFinacial.com was developed.

The invention is a secure, fast and reliable way of purchasing commissary credits on behalf of an incarcerated individual, as a way of facilitating their stay in correctional facilities.

With such a system, it’s possible for you to purchase these much-needed credits without ever leaving the comfort of your desk.

Inmatefinancial.com Customer Service

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  • Mail: Inmate Financial Services of LA, LLC P.O. Box 278 Monterey, LA 71354

That said, the system is slowly streamlining the otherwise cumbersome process of purchasing inmates’ credits.

Before, one had to deal with the inconvenience of making the deposits in person or through drop boxes via the prison’s facilities personnel.

On the other hand, the Inmate Financial Credits System allows the entire transaction to be completed electronically ; from purchasing the credits to depositing them to the inmate’s account.

All this is done via a sleek minimalistic, easy to use, interface, thereby reducing a whole day’s job to a just few clicks behind a computer.

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  • via phone: 1-855-700-0077
  • via mail: Inmate Financial, P.O. Box 278, Monterey, LA 71354

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