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IGA IGAS Store Feedback

  • Tell IGA about your recent shopping experience to make the store even better
  • IGA was founded to help make sure the independent grocery store stays strong against growing national chains
  • This survey will take you less than five minutes to finish, and is simple to complete

IGA was founded in 1926 with one mission in mind: to help independent grocery stores remain competitive in the face of the growing chain stores. Nearly 100 years later, they’re still holding on to this same concept in over 30 countries and offer products like bakery, dairy, alcohol, frozen foods, meat, produce, seafood and so much more. Communities across the United States are still being served by IGA stores, many of which have been around for several generations.

The reason they have survived for so long is simple: they treat their customers like they matter. They genuinely listen to their feedback , too. That’s why this survey is important. By letting IGA know what things are going well and what things need improvement, you’re helping shape their future for the better. Any business is only successful if their customers like what they’re doing, and IGA knows this.

This survey will take you less than five minutes to complete depending on how much you share. You’ll be asked for your name, address, and phone number, and then asked to enter the information for your favorite IGA store. Then, there’s a section for your comments. There aren’t any questions to guide you, or prompts to answer. You simply share what’s on your mind.

Your feedback will only be seen by the IGA corporate staff. Your name will not be attached to what you say, and you will not be contacted unless your specifically request it.

To contact IGA:

  • IGA Inc., 8745 W. Higgins Road, Suite 350, Chicago, IL 60631
  • (773) 693-4520