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How’s My Shipping

  • Logon to HowsMyShipping.com to give feedback about your product shipping experience
  • With How’s My Shipping, customers rate every single aspect of the shipping process, from packaging to the item to the invoice
  • When customer rate their shipping experience with How’s My Shipping, they’re providing details that would never be known otherwise

It doesn’t matter how good an online retailer is, or how good their prices are: if the shipping of the product isn’t good, then the customer isn’t going to be happy. But many times, it can be tough for a retailer to know how the shipping process went. Sure, there may be a tracking number that says whether it arrived safely or not, but the retailer doesn’t know the details.

That’s where Howsmyshipping.com come in. How’s My Shipping provides an online survey opportunity for customers to give every detail about how their package arrived. With How’s My Shipping, customers rate things like the condition of the item received, the condition of the packaging itself, the condition and accuracy of the invoice, the accuracy of the order, the quality of the manuals, and more. In short, it it relates to the packaging of the product, and getting that product to the customer, here’s your chance to tell how it went.

Every single business strives for accuracy in their online orders, and How’s My Shipping gives customers a direct voice to let the retailer know how things went. When customers rate their shipping with How’s My Shipping, they’re giving details that the retailer wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

As a retailer, your brand can quickly get a bad reputation if your shipments aren’t going out properly. There’s no faster way to bring down your company’s good name than to not do your job of getting things to the customer. Make sure you’re doing your job with How’s My Shipping!


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