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Healthy Living Pepsi Co

  • Pepsi employee can use the Pepsi Online Wellness Portal to access their company healthcare benefits
  • By using the PepsiCo Wellness Program web site, employees of Pepsi can access their healthcare information quickly and conveniently online
  • Access to the Pepsi Wellness web site is only open to people who are currently employed by Pepsi and their dependents

Employees will need to set up a user ID and password to use the Pepsi Wellness web site. To create a new account, people will need to have their Pepsi employee ID number and will need to create a new, unique password for the site. The Pepsi Wellness Program web site gives Pepsi employees any information they need related to their insurance benefits like their insurance plan coverage, the ability to find recent insurance claims and more. The Pepsi Healthy Living site helps employees make small changes with their health that will add up to big differences over. Pepsi employees can get a free Personal Health Assessment and Scorecard, combined features that give an individualized, personalized look at how of everyday health choices, including exercise, diet, stress, tobacco use and sleep, affect overall health. Pepsi employees can also track their biometric values. Their personal scorecard uses the information provides to tailor recommendations for maintaining or improving overall health.

Pepsi Wellness Program Rewards Program

One of the most popular portions of the Pepsi Wellness web site is the opportunity for Pepsi employee to earn rewards just for taking part in physical fitness tasks like self evaluations and quizzes related to healthy matters. Pepsi employees can even use the Online Wellness Portal to track their own health and earn rewards points for making healthy choices.

To contact Healthy Living about the Pepsi Wellness program for employees

  • Phone: 1-855-PEP-1117
  • A fax number could not be found for Healthy Living Pepsi Co

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