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Activate HBO Go Services

  • HBO Go is a free online service that allows HBO subscribers access to programming on a number of different devices.
  • Viewers can watch any current and dozens of past movies, TV shows, sporting events, and special presentations.
  • HBO Go is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart televisions, personal computers, and devices like Roku.

As a part of the HBO subscription price, customers have access to the HBO Go service. This means that can watch a number of past and present HBO productions, including films, special events, television shows, sporting events. To access HBO, you must be a subscriber to a cable package that includes the HBO network, and your provider must be one of the approved ones. There is no additional charge to use HBO Go.

To start using HBO Go, you need to activate the device you’ll be using to watch. To activate your device, simply choose it from the list. Once your device is selected, you’ll be asked to choose your television provider. From there, you will be asked to enter a code that is being shown on your television. Once that code is entered, you should see a “Success!” message. This means that you have a valid account and you’re all set!

  • HBO Go first launched in February of 2010
  • You do not receive access to real time streaming
  • Some television providers do periodically ask for reauthorization to make sure that your account is in good standing. All you need to do is follow the prompts when asked to prove your account is authentic
  • At this time, not every television provider supports HBO Go access. If you find that your provider does not, check back frequently as more providers are added to the lineup often.

HBO Go Customer Service can be contacted at:

  • 1-866-316-4814
  • contacthbogo@hbo.com