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  • PromoFly automatically finds discounts and coupons from over 6,000 top retailers
  • The PromoFly app only shows customers coupon codes that they’re eligible for, and have been proven to work
  • PromoFly lets users automatically search categories, so that even if one website has no current discounts, a similar one may

Thanks in large part to blogs, website and television shows dedicated to maxing out savings, using coupons to save money is more popular than ever before. And thanks to PromoFly, it’s never been easier to save money with coupons. PromoFly is an app that automatically searches for the best discounts from over 6,000 retailers like Eastbay, Nautica, Ace, Amazon, Wine.com and thousands more. With PromoFly, there’s no more searching for promo codes: they’re sent straight to the customer when it’s time to check out.

PromoFly users can load the app when they’re ready to check out, and PromoFly will analyze the cart to see if any discounts are available, or PromoFly customers can search through all available discounts within a certain website or a certain category.PromoFly automatically alerts customers to coupons, promo codes for things like free shopping, and other special discounts as they shop. The PromoFly app can be added directly to any browser, like Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, or downloaded as a mobile application to any Android or Apple device.

If a PromoFly user comes across a retailer that’s not in the app’s database, adding a store to PromoFly is simple, and can be done with just a few clicks. Plenty of coupon websites list codes, but PromoFly only shows coupon codes that the shopper is eligible for, and only codes that have been proven to work. PromoFly also lets shoppers search within certain categories, so that if one website doesn’t currently have a discount available, a site in that same category may.

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