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Chase Slate Card Offer

  • Chase Bank currently offers a special introductory promotion for new Slate cardholders
  • Some of the incredible benefits include a free monthly credit score, no annual fee, free balance transfers and zero interest on purchases for over a year
  • The new Slate Card promotion is only available to new Chase customers

Chase Bank now has an amazing promotion for brand new cardholders! If approved for a new Slate credit card account, customers get a bevy of awesome benefits, making Slate one of the best new cards available.

Important Information

  • While the introductory offer specifies that there will be no annual APR for up to fifteen months, customers will be assessed an interest rate anywhere between 12.99% and 22.99% once the introductory promotion expires
  • The free balance transfer offer is only valid for the first sixty days of card membership. After that time, Chase assesses an interest rate of 3% on every balance transfer
  • Potential customers don’t need an invitation to apply for the Slate card. Additionally, an invitation doesn’t guarantee acceptance
  • While late payments won’t raise customer’s interest rate, it will result in a late payment fee

Chase has fairly stringent credit requirements. While all factors of an applicant’s credit report are considered, potential customers should make sure they have a healthy credit score and great payment history before applying for Chase Slate. If approved, customers need to remember that the interest rate kicks in after fifteen months, and manage their card balance accordingly.

How to Apply for Chase Slate

  • If you received an invitation to apply, follow the instructions on your letter
  • If you haven’t received an invitation, go to www.applynow.chase.com and click “Apply Now”
  • Select the card you want to apply for, which in this case is Chase Slate
  • Chase will send a confirmation email once you’ve completed the process. Open the email and follow the embedded link to confirm your rewards account.

With zero interest, free balance transfers, and totally free credit monitoring, Chase Slate has one of the best introductory offers available. Take advantage of this fantastic and financially sound offer today!


  • www.getchaseslate.com