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Gateway One Lending

  • Gateway One is a national auto finance company that works with prime and super prime customers in more than 40 states
  • With the Gateway One Lending service, customers can log on to make a payment towards their loan account
  • Customers can visit the “Account History” section of Gateway One to view all the previous payments they’ve made to a Gateway One loan

Payment for a Gateway One loan can not be made with a savings account or with a credit card, but Gateway One does accept MoneyGram for their payments, and customers can purchase a MoneyGram with both of those methods. If a customer makes a larger payment than is due on their Gateway One loan bill, the overage will be applied directly to their principal. And even though it is a principal reduction, it will show up as a credit on their next Gateway One statement. Customers who set up automatic payments on their Gateway One loan will still receive statements in the mail each month to let them know what their current loan balance is. To make a payment to a Gateway One loan account online, customers have the option of making a one time payment online, mailing a payment to their PO Box, or by phone by calling 888-810-8740. The easiest way to pay a Gateway One loan though is to set up automatic payments that are taken out on the due date every month.

  • Please note any Gateway One Lending web or phone payments for Gateway One will be pulled from the payee’s account on midnight of the date payment was made. But payments made from a checking account to a Gateway One loan may take up to 24 to 48 hours for the funds to be withdrawn.

To contact Gateway One Lending

  • Gateway One Lending & Finance, P.O. Box 650004, Dallas TX, 75265-0004

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