www.flemingslistens.com – Fleming’s Guest Satisfaction Feedback

Fleming’s Listens

  • Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse is offering a substantial $25 discount opportunity to all customers.
  • In order to claim the discount, customers must complete an online survey at flemings listens
  • Customers area allowed to claim one discount every calendar month.

Dedicated Flemings diners have an exciting opportunity to earn a $25.00 discount on their next meal! Just fill out a brief survey and make a reservation through Flemings’ online portal. Once you confirm your reservation, Flemings will automatically apply the $25.00 discount to your account.

Important Information

  • You’ll need an 18-digit validation code in order to access the survey
  • These codes are found on the bottom of all Flemings receipts
  • After you submit your survey, Flemings will process your submission and email your $25 coupon code within 48 hours
  • In order to claim your $25.00 credit, you have to make a reservation on Flemings website, and enter your coupon code before you confirm your table
  • The $25.00 credit only applies if you spend $50.00 or more
  • No matter how often you dine at Flemings, your household can only receive one $25.00 credit each month

You can’t use your credit in combination with any other promotion, discount, or coupon. Flemings won’t allow you to redeem it for cash or use it to buy gift cards. You can, however, apply it toward any other purchase at Flemings.

How to Get Your Credit

  • Eat at Flemings (and thank us later as the food is to die for)
  • Enter your 18-digit validation code
  • Make sure you enter it accurately, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed with the survey
  • Provide an accurate email address before you submit your survey
  • If you don’t, Flemings won’t be able to send you your credit code
  • Once you receive your code, go to flemingssteakhouse.com and make a reservation. Enter your coupon code, and you’re set – the $25.00 discount will automatically be applied to your bill

Flemings’ Guest Satisfaction survey is a great way to earn a huge discount on some seriously great food! For just a few brief minutes of your time you’ll get an instant $25.00 discount, all while making sure Flemings considers your opinions.