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Fandango Rewards

  • With Movie Rewards from Fandango, you’ll be rewarded for doing things that you already do, like enjoying a great night out at the movies
  • Every single ticket will earn you more points towards digital rewards, movie rewards, or lifestyle rewards
  • If you’re interested, use the contact form on this page to see if your business qualifies for a free sample

Fandango Rewards let you utilize the latest technology to earn virtual rewards that can be sent by e-mail or sent straight to your mobile device. No matter what industry you’re in, these rewards can turn your casual buyer into a loyal customer. In business, it’s important to show your customers that you care. Letting your customers rack up great rewards through Fandango shows them that you genuinely appreciate their business.

If you’ve already received a sample code, you can enter it on this page. If you’re interested in sampling this service, use the contact form on this page and you will be contacted from Fandango to see if you qualify for a free sample.

Here’s a look at what your customers can earn:

  • Movie rewards include certificates that work just like cash at thousands of theaters across the nation. You can use your cash to purchase a free Fandango movie ticket that can be printed at home or delivered to your mobile
  • Digital rewards include items like movie, TV show, music, and eBook downloads, and codes for steaming movies from sites like Vudu and TargetTicket. Over 80 perfect of the population uses their phone to purchase games or entertainment, or to shop for other items, so these rewards are perfect for anyone
  • Lifestyle rewards can earn you prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, or gift cards to hundreds of top retailers, like Wal-Mart, Amazon.com and more. Choose from $5 to $500 cards, and choose from print at home or mobile delivery

To contact Fandango:

  • 1 (866) 857-5191