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  • To log in to your Quick Pass Toll account, you’ll need to know your account number plus your transponder number (an 11 digit number starting with 026)
  • If you have a four digit account PIN, you can keep using that as your password, however changing your online password does not affect your PIN used for the Voice Response System.
  • The most convenient method to replenish your New Hampshire Quick Pass Toll account is online with a credit card

If you’ve done any amount of driving around New Jersey, you’ve no doubt encountered the New Hampshire Quick Pass Toll system. For frequent drivers, having an E-Z Pass account is the easiest way to pay these tolls. E-Z Pass is an electronic toll collection system that completely removes coins, paper money, and other physical forms of payment. Drivers instead set up a prepaid account, attach a small electronic device to their car, and tolls are automatically deducted from the attached account as they pass through the specified lane. When you log in to your account online, you can add funds to your account with any credit card. You can also add or remove a vehicle right though your online account.

  • E-Z Pass is designed to automatically detect if you’re pulling a trailer or camper, and will automatically deduct the appropriate toll. If towing is something you’ll be doing regularly, it’s recommended that you designate your vehicle as such when you sign up
  • You can also add funds to your account in person at any E-ZPass walk in service center location
  • As long as they are the same class of vehicle, you can switch your transponder from one vehicle to another

For customer service regarding your New Hampshire Quick Pass Toll:

  • 1-877-643-9727
  • New Hampshire Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 8428, Trenton, NJ 08650-8428