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EZ Pass MD Pay By Credit Card

  • Allows EZ Pass account access to a user can pay a bill via credit card
  • Other payment options include the ability for the user to stop by a Authority Stop-in Center and male a payment in person (but the most recommended way is using a credit card for automatic replenishment)
  • The auto replenishment systems charges the EZ Pass Maryland customers credit card when their account balance drops below $10

Customers who know they will not be able to make a payment on time should stop using the E-ZPass transponder until their financial situation has improved.  It should be noted that drivers who put the transponder in the glove compartment, under the passenger/driver seat, or in a car back seat pocket may prevent the transponder from being read.

EZ Pass Notes & Facts

  • Customers who wish to stop using the transponder should place it in the “read prevent” bag
  • Business account holders using a credit card to make account payments  and are a credit card customer can expect their account to be replenished whenever the account balance is approximately 25 percent of the required advanced payment amount
  • Check or cash paying customers will receive a low balance alert whenever their account reaches 50 percent of the replenishment amount

E-ZPass is an electronic-toll collection system that takes the hassle out of collecting tolls by eliminating cash , coins and toll tickets from the equation.  The E-ZPass transponder should ALWAYS be attached to the drivers windshield.  Customers who have placed the transponder in other places such as the cars sun visor, the rear-view mirror, or the dashboard have run into technical issues with the device not working consistently.

Contacting EZ Pass Maryland

  • Via phone: 1.888.321.6824
  • Payment by mail can be sent to Maryland Service Center, P.O. Box 17600, Baltimore, MD 21297-7600


  1. www.ezpassmd.com pay by credit card