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Express Scripts TRICARE Online Pharmacy Program

  • Begin delivery of a new prescription
  • Order a refill
  • Track your order

The TriCare online pharmacy program provides the prescription drugs you need, and does so in the easiest, most cost effective, fastest methods possible. Tens of millions of people each year trust them for their prescription needs, and it makes sense why. If you have regular prescriptions that need to be filled, there’s no better option than TriCare.

If you’re not registered for a TriCare account, you’re missing out! When you set up your account with TriCare, you can handle a number of tasks, including starting home delivery of prescriptions, order refills, check the status of your order, and even set up your refills to renew automatically.

One of the areas where customers see the most benefit is in the area of specialty medications. In the vast majority of cases, these medicines are very high cost and must inject or ingested by the user themselves to treat serious, chronic conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis, and more. In short, these are not easy medicines to purchase or administer. But with TriCare, these medicines are simple to purchase.

Here’s a look at some of the primary benefits of TriCare:

  • It’s secure, simple, and convenient to start. With one simple registration, you’re ready to go.
  • Formulary generic prescriptions are completely free .
  • Instead of refills, you have Worry Free Fills. These are automatic refills that are designed to make sure your medications are there when you need them.
  • Save money by purchasing a 90 day supply
  • Delivery is available to any address of your choice with free standard shipping.
  • You have access to a pharmacist 24/7.
  • Get specialty medications through the free Specialty Medication Care Management Program

TriCare can be contacted through a large number of methods, including:

  • 877-363-1303
  • DOD.customer.relations@express-scripts.com
  • Express Scripts Inc., PO Box 52150, Phoenix, AZ 85072
  • @MilitaryRx on Twitter


  1. www.express-scripts.com/tricare