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  • Enter your Chevy test drive validation code to access your exclusive invitation
  • Once your test drive invitation code is entered, you’ll see what sort of incentive Chevy is offering
  • You’ll have the chance to test drive one of Chevy’s newest vehicles like the Silverado, the Volt, or the Malibu

You may think you know about Chevy’s latest vehicles, and you might be aware of the features they offer, but you haven’t experienced everything until you actually slip behind the wheel of one of their newest products. Knowing is one thing, but when you actually get to test drive a Chevrolet vehicle for yourself, you’ll see why they’re one of the nation’s leading auto manufacturers. Chevrolet is genuinely concerned about putting quality vehicles on the road.

You’d think that simply getting to try out a new vehicle would be incentive enough, but often, Chevy will offer a little extra gift to encourage you to test drive a vehicle. This may be a restaurant gift card, a promotion item like a Chevy t-shirt, or even cash. Once you enter your specific Chevrolet test drive invitation code, you’ll see what offer you’ve been given. If you agree to the offer, just enter your information to set up an appointment!

Whether you’re choosing to test out the new Chevy Silverado truck, the Impala, the money saving Chevrolet Volt, or one of their other great cars, just know that you’re not going to be disappointed with what you find inside. If you’ve been considering purchasing a new vehicle, here is your chance to see what the Chevy lineup brings to the table. Once you get in the drivers seat though, be warned that you might never want to leave!

To contact Chevy about your test drive invitation:

  • 630.983.8900
  • email: info@synmp.com