www.experian.com/tempfreezeremoval – Remove an Experian Security Freeze

Experian Temporary Freeze Removal

  • Those who froze a Experian account can remove the freeze online
  • Experian.com/TempFreezeRemoval is managed by Experian All rights reserved
  • Account holders can enter the date they would like the removal to take place

Experian account holder who previously requested that a security freeze be placed on their personal credit report have the option to have the freeze temporarily or permanently removed.  The freeze will have to be removed in order for the user to apply for credit (i.e. home loan, credit card ) or for any transaction that requires that another party access their personal credit report.

In order to remove the freeze the Experian account holder will have to provide their name, address, SSN, date of birth, and email address.  The account holder will be asked if they remember their personal identification number (PIN) and if they want to remove the freeze temporarily or permanently.

www.Experian.com/TempFreezeRemoval Highlights

  • The removal can be permanent or temporary
  • In order to remove the Experian freeze (either permanently or temporarily) will have to agree to the terms and conditions , and certify that they removing a security freeze from their own personal credit report
  • The removal process should take less than 3 minutes
  • This free removal service will not remove any freezes associated with a Transition or Equifax account
  • Customers who have any questions about the process can dial a Experian customer service agent at 1 (877) 284-7942

Customers who only want to temporarily remove the freeze will be asked to provide a date that they would like to add the security freeze back to their credit report so that it is no longer accessible by third parties (i.e. creditors, banks).

Experian PLC is a Dublin, Republic of Ireland based consumer credit reporting agency.  Experian services 235 million individual US consumers and more than 25 million US businesses.


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