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Everywhere Reward

  • The Everywhere Reward Card lets customers who have a rewards card from Everywhere Rewards activate their card so it’s ready for use
  • To begin activating an Everywhere Rewards card, customers will first need to enter the fist 10 digits of the number that appears on the front of their card
  • Once logged in to the Everywhere Reward Card online portal, the customer’s current available points balance is listed in the top right corner of every page

With the Everywhere Rewards card, shoppers can earn points for all of their everyday qualified purchases and get free cash back. Any type of purchase, from groceries to fuel to utility bills can earn Everywhere Rewards. For most purchases, $1 spend is 1 Everyday Reward Point. If customers have more than one Everywhere Reward Card, they will need to have a separate account login and password for each one. Everywhere Rewards Points cardholders can redeem points for an airfare ticket, as long as each free ticket is ordered through a program administrator for a coach class airline ticket on a scheduled U.S. or International carrier, every free ticket is on the same airlines or code share airline, stopovers are not permitted unless they are to make direct connections, and reservations for Everywhere Rewards Points tickets can only be done through standard commercial passenger carriers (meaning no charter or private flights). To continue earning Everywhere Rewards Points, all required minimum payments have been paid by their payment due date.

Do Everywhere Rewards Points ever expire?

Everywhere Reward Card points are tracked and redeemable on a “first in, first out” basis, and points will expire three years from the date they were earned. Everywhere Reward points are not the actual property of the cardholder, and cannot be sold, bought, or transferred to any other person in any way.

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  • 888.396.3419

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