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  • Airmen who are in the LEAP program can logon and take eMentor classes anywhere they have access to an Internet connection
  • Every class from eMentor is live, which means that there is a set schedule that must be followed, and a live instructor (known as the eMentor) teaching the class
  • To take an eMentor class from the Air Force, airmen will need to have a computer, Internet connection, plus webcam, and a headset to listen to teaching

To help make sure US Air Force Airmen receive cultural training as easily as possible, the US Air Force established the eMentor program through their “Language Enabled Airman Program.” The USAF eMentor program has a number of the same benefits of a traditional classroom like tools that can track grades and assignments (along with keeping up with class attendance), features that allow participants to review presentations that were done in class, and one on one interaction with the instructor.

eMentor Online Comments

  • In addition though, Air Force eMentor courses have benefits that a traditional classroom doesn’t, like flexible scheduling, increased access to native language speaking instructors, and instant access to materials used in class
  • Technical support for USAF eMentor courses is available 24 hours a day, and the help desk can even help Air Force Airmen prepare for classes (not just with computer issues)
  • All resources for an Air Force eMentor course can be found in the “My Materials” section of the web site

What is the eMentor Program?

The eMentor program is an online “language and culture” training  class that’s provided by the Language Enabled Airman Program. It’s designed for airmen that are part of the Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base to become leaders across a variety of Air Force specialties, especially foreign language.

To contact a representative about the Air Force’s LEAP eMentor program:

  • Call 315.214.7340
  • email helpdesk@ementoronline.org

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