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EDD CA Gov UI Online

  • California residents who are receiving unemployment benefits can manage their account online 24 hours a day
  • For tablet or smart phone users, there’s a special CA UI site that will be compatible with their devices, and will offer all of the same benefits and level of service as the main site
  • The state of California Unemployment Insurance service is only available to residents living in the state

The state of California Unemployment Insurance Online service is set up to allow residents to access their California unemployment insurance claim information, certify for weekly California unemployment benefits, and manage their CA unemployment claims any time of day. All forms for California Unemployment are also available in Spanish. Residents who are enrolled in Partial or Work Sharing claims can not certify their weekly benefits through this service, and can not open an existing claim through CA UI Online, but they can access all the other important features of this service. California’s Unemployment online site includes options to file weekly certifications, view all past processed unemployment payments, reopen an unemployment claim, schedule a California unemployment appointment, and view/print all tax forms needed. Please note by signing up for California Unemployment alerts, residents can receive instant notification when they’re eligible to file for a new week, when unemployment benefits have been paid, and when they need to update their paperwork.

Who can file for unemployment in California?

In the state of California, any worker who has lost their job through no fault of their own, and who did not quit their job willingly, can file for unemployment benefits. California unemployment benefits are based off of the worker’s last known salary, averaged over 4 pay quarters.

  • Once an initial application has been filed, CA unemployment benefits should start paying out 2 to 3 weeks after the initial claim was filed

To contact a representative about California Unemployment Benefits (i.e. EDD CA Gov UI Online)

  • Employment Development Department, P.O. Box 826880 – UIPCD, MIC 40, Sacramento, CA 94280-0001

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