www.dressbarn.capitalone.com – Access dressbarn Credit Card

dressbarn Capital One

  • Access a dressbarn Capital one credit card account online
  • Requires Internet connection and a username/password
  • Any and all online payments previously scheduled through the prior credit card issuer to post on or after December 28, 2016 were canceled and the user will have to set up new auto bill pay

Please note those who had an account prior to December 31st, 2016, will need to go through the bothersome process of creating a new username and password  before signing in to access their dressbarn.capitalone.com information, pay a costly bill, or manage an account.

dressbarn.CapitalOne.com Notes

  • Capital One acquired dressbarn Credit Card accounts previously issued by Comenity Bank as of 12/28/16
  • The new website can be used to track current and past activity, make payments, select communication preferences (i.e. phone, email, mail) and update Capital One account information
  • Customers will have to create a new account in order to take advantage of these services 🙁
  • dressbarn purchases older than 120 days will not be available
  • Any questions in regards to dressbarn.capitalone.com can be directed 1-888-427-7790

Dress Barn Inc

  • New York state based specialty women’s clothing retailer
  • Incorporated in 1962 and has more than 700 locations
  • Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol DBRN
  • The first Dress Barn opened up in Stamford, Connecticut (founded by Elliot Jaffe)

The Dress Barn Inc corporate office can be reached at he Dress Barn, Inc. 30 Dunnigan Drive Suffern, New York 10901 or by phone by calling (845) 369-4500.  Customers needing to fax documents to Dress Barn can fire them of to (845) 369-4829.  Dress Barn caters to the middle-range income bracket of the United States population who usually care less about style and more about saving a few bucks.  The Dress Barn has store units positioned throughout 43 states under the names Dress Barn and Dress Barn Woman.  Dress Barm competes with Target, The Burlington Coat Factory, and Ross Stores.


  1. www.dressbarn.capitalone.com
  2. www.capitalone.com/dressbarn