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Dollar Loan Center

  • Dollar Loan Center is an online portal where customers of Dollar Bank can explore loan opportunities for a number of purposes, like home and car purchases and debt consolidation
  • Customers of Dollar Bank can apply for any of the bank’s loans directly online, and can receive an instant quote before they even apply
  • Dollar Bank has business and personal banking services like checking and savings account , plus cash management programs like CashANALYZER Management System

Dollar Bank customers who are interested in applying for a loan with the bank can log on to the Dollar Loan Center and find all the information they need to apply. Loan applications that are made through the Dollar Loan Center web site usually receive a response from Dollar Bank within 24 hours (or the next business day if a customer applies for a Dollar Loan over the weekend or on a holiday).

More Important Information to Know About Dollar Loan Center

  • Dollar Bank was founded in 1855 by a man named Charles Colton, and was known as Pittsburgh Dollar Savings Institution at the time
  • The first Dollar Bank location in Pennsylvania was famous for having two stone lions in front of the bank (built in 1871) that represents the level of protection Dollar Bank offers their customers

Dollar Loan Center is a service of Dollar Bank, which is a regional bank primarily serving the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Dollar Bank has an annual revenue that’s over $7.5 billion, and has 1,300 customers. In 2012, Dollar Bank became widely known for being one of the first banks to use the “Video Personal Teller Machine” system that lets customers speak with a live teller after hours through a computer screen.

To contact Dollar Loan Center

  • 1-800-828-5527
  • 340 Fourth Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

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