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DirectTV Payment Disputes

If you have a billing issue with DirecTV, fill out this form to start the process of getting your money back.

  • You will need to include a statement showing the funds that were taken from you. This can be a bank statement, a credit card statement, or a receipt where you have made payment. If you paid with a money order or check, attach a copy of both the front and the back
  • Attach a statement showing the amount of money that you were charged

With over 20 million subscribers, DirecTV is one of the largest television subscription services in the nation. DirecTV is known for constant promotions and specials , and it’s not too hard to find a plan that can help save you money. Unfortunately, billing problems do sometimes happen. If you run across a bill with DirecTV that’s not quite right, fill out the information on this page, and their customer service team will start working on correcting the issue for you. You will need to know your DirecTV account number. When filling out the support form, you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card number or your bank account information.

There are several different areas where you may encounter an issue. Here’s a look at what they are so you’ll know which one to choose:

  • AutoPay: If you have an issue with the amount of money that’s set to automatically be charged
  • Unauthorized Charge: If a charge was issued, and you did not initiate that charge
  • Missing Payment: If you mailed in a payment, but there’s no record of it ever posting to your account
  • Payment Not Posted: If you have a record of a charge to a card, but that payment is not reflected in your account

If you need to contact DirecTV with a billing issue, here’s how to do it:

  • 1-800-531-5000
  • Online chat
  • E-mail online