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  • Provides information about credit ID coverage for Federal Employees
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team to develop this program’
  • Federal Employees will receive 18 months of credit monitoring
  • All mailing should go out on or before 6/8/15

Who is CSID?

CSID, formerly known as IdentityTruth, is the leading provider of a comprehensive range of identity protection services as well as fraud detection technologies for consumers, businesses, and their employees. Their solutions scale globally. They power more than 80% of the retail identity protection trade. With their advanced enterprise-level solutions, companies can take a proactive approach in protecting the identities of their clients all around the world. CSID seems to be a zenith choice for government departments and agencies for security breaches, and it is definitely good that it offers triple-bureau monitoring in addition to Internet black market monitoring. If you are searching for basic protection of your PII (personally identifiable information), then CSID could be the suitable identity theft solution for you. The comprehensive identity protection products from CSID advance from credit monitoring to incorporate a full-suite of identity monitoring services, proactive breach mitigation and resolution as well as insurance and full-service restoration.

There is no shortage of information on the internet about the considerable Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) breach that left computer data and systems exposed to hackers. The OPM identified the cybersecurity incident that affected personnel data for both former and current federal civilian employees, including PII (personally identifiable information). Personal information that may have been stolen include social security numbers, names, birthdates, place of birth, job assignments, current and former addresses, training records and benefit selections. The breach may have compromised PII of 4 million former and current federal employees at executive branch agencies, which include the Department of Defense.

OPM immediately implemented added security measures and will endeavor to improve the security of the sensitive data it manages. In order to mitigate the fraud and identity theft risk, OPM is offering credit monitoring, credit report access, and identify theft recovery and insurance services to potentially affected employees through CSID, a company which specializes in these services. If you’re a current or former Federal government employee eligible to receive CSID’s coverage, you must have received an email or the US Postal Service notification after June 8, 2015. Each notification contained a special PIN for employees to utilize to register for their free plan on the special website set up by CSID for the government data breach. This complimentary monitoring is known as the Protection Plus coverage, and will last for 18 months. The CSID website includes a FAQ webpage to helpfully answer any questions one might have.

Contact CSID?

  • PHONE SUPPORT: (844) 777-2743
  • EMAIL SUPPORT: opmsupport@csid.com

The comprehensive, 18-month membership to CSID’s plan comprises of credit monitoring, which includes triple-bureau monitoring and access to the employee’s TransUnion credit report, non-credit loan monitoring, CyberAgent Internet surveillance to monitor bulletin boards, websites and media  chatrooms for the sale or trade of your personal data, court and public records monitoring, change of address monitoring, a sex offender report for ensuring that no one uses your personal information in the sex offender registry as well as a social security number trace for notifying you if your number becomes linked to another person’s address or name. In addition, all those affected by the massive breach — even those who opt not to register for the Protection Plus policy — will be covered by $1million in identity theft insurance protection services offered at no cost to enrollees. They will also have access to full service identity restoration via CSID in case something does ensue as a result of the breach.


  1. www.csid.com/opm