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  • Credible Inc. is considered an industry leader when it comes to mobile and web technology to help behavioral health services facilities
  • The Credible software comes with four updates annually at no additional cost
  • Interested businesses can sign up to receive a free web trial of Credible’s program at no risk

Credible’s software has a number of benefits like real time project management, secure diagnostic clinical assessments, simplified billing and finance reporting, and configurable management workflow. Credible Inc. is all web based, with no software to purchase or download. There is no need for a local server and no need to worry about software compliance.

The software at Credibe Inc. in entirely customizable. Today, Credible works with companies that have over 1,000 employees, but they started with (and still serve) companies that have as few as 10 employees.

More about Credible Inc

Credible Inc. was founded by Matthew M. Dorman when his sister passed away due to receiving inappropriate medication. Matthew decided to create a method to apply the best technology available to make sure this never happened to another family. Credible even offers two ways for clients to interact with the company: through their Annual Partner Conference and through Regional User Groups.

Credible’s web site is filled with success stories like Families Inc. counseling services, who struggled for almost two years to do simple tasks like billing customers.

  • Credible works to have long-lasting relationships with clients, and assigns a state specific representative to each client
  • In 2000, Credible was credited with developing the first mobile solution in the behavioral industry

To contact Credible Inc.

  • 7529 Standish Place, 2nd Floor, Suite 270, Rockville, MD 20855
  • Call 301-652-9500

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