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  • The Cold and Cough Care Package from Kimberly Clark offers everything needed to get through the tough cold and flu season
  • Discover the best ways to avoid contracting a cold or the flu like staying well rested, exercising, and washing hands often
  • Kimberly Clark’s Cold and Flu Care package website offers up money saving coupons on cough, cold, and flu medications, plus a symptoms chart to see what a sickness really is

Cold and flu season is a miserable time of year for many people, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to Kimberly Clark Worldwide. Kimberly Clark is a company that produces some of the top brands in health and personal care like Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle, and more.

Kimberly Clark’s “Cold and Cough Care Package” includes everything needed to fight off infections and sicknesses each year, including Theraflu (powerful nonprescription medicine for the worst cold and flu symptoms), Triaminic (which has for over 50 years relieved kids’ toughest cold and cough symptoms), Dial Complete (which kills 99.99% of germs and is gentle on skin), and Scotties (which is the perfect combination of softness and strength needed to get through the toughest colds). This cold and flu care package from Kimberly Clark not only helps fight off the flu and colds, but it helps lessen the suffering for people who do get sick.

The Cough Cold Care website even offers a flu tracker so that users can see where in the U.S. the flu is most prevalent, and get a heads up when their area is becoming threatened.

Kimberly Clark was founded in Neenah, Wisconsin in 1872, and has nearly 150 years of experience providing the United States with high quality paper based consumer products and medicines. With an annual revenue of almost $22 billion , Kimberly Clark is one of America’s largest corporations.

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