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Consumer Reports CRARPAY

  • To make a payment towards Consumer Reports magazine, customers will need to have their account number (which can be found on their magazine label)
  • A Consumer Reports payment made online will be applied to the customer’s account by the end of the business day that payment is made
  • Payment for Consumer Reports can be made with and Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card online (but no digital checks are accepted for payment of CR magazine)

Customers who have a subscription to Consumer Reports print magazine can logon to make a payment and keep their subscription going. To find the right account, customers will enter their Consumer Reports account number from the magazine label, plus their last name and the security code that appears on the Consumer Reports payment website. Also with the Consumer Reports payment web site, customers can change the address on their Consumer Reports account, see how many Consumer Reports magazines are left on their subscription, and pause their magazine subscription if they’re going on vacation.

Consumer Reports CRARPAY

  • PalPay is NOT a valid form of payment
  • The service is easy and best of all FREE to use

More about Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports magazine first published in 1936, and still has an annual circulation of over 7 million people today (the numbers are pretty evenly divided with about 3.5 million taking print Consumer Reports and about 3.5 million people subscribing to Consumer Reports digitally). Consumer Reports goes to a very high level to prove their impartiality, even once canceling the bulk subscription of a large car dealership.

Consumer Reports even goes so far as to prohibit companies from using a positive CR review as advertising.

  • Consumer Reports magazine is famous for having no advertising, and for not allowing companies to pay to have a product tested in their magazine (although the Consumer Reports web site does have advertising from outside companies)

To contact Consumer Reports about paying for a print magazine sub

  • Call 1-800-333-0663
  • 101 Truman Ave, Yonkers, NY 10703

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