www.compass.state.pa.us/cwis – Apply for PA Child Abuse History Clearance online

Compass State PA US CWIS

  • The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Portal is designed for both individual residents of Pennsylvania and child abuse related organizations in Pennsylvania
  • With Pennsylvania’s online Child Welfare Portal, residents can apply for state “Child Abuse History” clearance online, or file court mandated abuse reports, while organizations can manage their Pennsylvania Child Abuse History clearances for employees and volunteers
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance applications are processed online, and are then available in a statewide database

An account with Pennsylvania Child Welfare services is recommended for people or organizations that need to submit child abuse reports, or file for child abuse clearances. With an online account from PACW, users can see and print prior referrals and applications , and even pay for clearances (and generate payment codes) for potential applicants.

Compass State PA US CWIS Comments

  • A Business Partner Account with PA Child Welfare is for organizations require that all of their employees or volunteers obtain a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (to make sure they have no history of child abuse)
  • This is mostly for positions that will have direct contact with children in Pennsylvania. With this system, these organizations can have the application fees covered for their employees to get clearance
  • Once signed up for the Business Partner Account, a company can see the results of all applications
  • Anonymous child abuse reports in Pennsylvania can not be made online, but must be called in

How to report child abuse in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, people only need suspicion that a child is being harmed to file a report. Full proof is not needed to start an investigation. Anyone who has reasonable suspicion that a child in Pennsylvania is being harmed is asked to call the PA Child Line (callers can remain anonymous if they want).  Any questions about the Compass State PA US CWIS program can be directed to 877-343-0494 (Pennsylvania Child Welfare Services)

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