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  • ComFi is the leading online source for international calling cards with a variety of options for all customers and countries
  • With ComFi’s affiliate program, customer can create their own online phone card store and build their own sales network to increase their income
  • When customers use ComFi, they can save up to 95% on international calling cards (which are delivered on screen instantly, meaning there’s no waiting for the mail)

To get started purchasing a ComFi calling card, customers just need to select they county they want to call, choose the county they’ll be calling from, and then select the card that best fits their needs. The card will be displayed right away after purchase, and is ready to be used right then. When customers buy a phone card from ComFi, they will need to register an account with a valid e-mail address, as that’s how the PIN information will be sent. Registering a phone number with ComFi makes the process go more quickly as well, giving customers the opportunity to start using their card as soon as possible.

ComFI Comments

  • They offer more than just calling cards, including PINless dialing, where customer can register the phone numbers they call from online and use their phone cards each time without having to enter a PIN to make a call
  • There are even Au Pair and Nanny calling cards for child caretakers and their host families working and living overseas
  • To make things easier for customers, ComFi has a Boston, Mass. based customer service office
  • The ComFi customer service team can be reached at all (800) 219-6993

What kind of calling cards are available from ComFi?

ComFi has specially designed military calling cards that are perfect for military members, their spouses, and their family members and friends. Cards from ComFi are also perfect for students studying abroad.

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