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College Athlete Concussion Settlement

  • Athletes who played an NCAA sport can get free concussion screenings twice a year for the next 50 years because of a class action lawsuit that’s been brought against the NCAA
  • The NCAA concussion suit covers any former student-athletes who played a sport including lacrosse, wrestling, hockey, football or soccer at an NCAA school at any time prior to July 15, 2016
  • In the concussion settlement from the NCAA, the NCAA has agreed to contribute a sum of $5,000,000 over a period of 10 years to research the prevention, treatment, and effects of concussions

Thanks to a new class action lawsuit , athletes who played a National Collegiate Athletic Association (better known just as NCAA) sanctioned sport may be eligible to receive a free medical screening twice a year over the next 50 years to monitor to potential for a concussion or concussion related problems. There is no charge for athletes to file a claim in the NCAA concussion law suit. The NCAA is accused of being negligent regarding concussion risks and for failing to adopt appropriate rules regarding concussions and failing to manage the risks from concussions. The NCAA denies they did anything wrong and that they followed all concussion protocol, but they have agreed to settle the NCAA concussion suit out of court.

When will the NCAA concussion settlement start to provide screenings via the College Athlete Concussion Settlement?

Former NCAA athletes can take a concussion questionnaire as soon as the class action suit against the NCAA receives final approval, which is expected to be around May 5, 2017. Athletes do not need to attend the NCAA class suit fairness hearing to participate in the law suit. The NCAA concussion questionnaire will be available on the settlement web site as soon as it’s approved by a judge.

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