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Claim 424k

  • With the Claim424K website, users can learn the details behind secret 424(k) retirement accounts that are creating new millionaires every day
  • Most people haven’t heard about 424(k) retirement accounts because they’re not advertised to the public
  • A worry free 424(k) can be opened up with as little as $25

People who are retired or who are simply planning for retirement are taking advantage of little known retirement vehicles called 424k accounts. These retirement accounts have been around for many years, but have only been available to a select few “in the know” employees and investors. Thanks to the 424K website from Mitchell Clark, this information is now being made public. Many people are finding themselves better off financially in retirement than they ever though possible thanks to secret retirement accounts that are available to anyone.

Claim 424k Comments

  • It’s been estimated that 424(k) accounts can earn as much as 9 times more than traditional retirement accounts
  • In fact, many larger companies have accounts that bring in 5, 19, or even a shocking 90 times normal dividends: and this is a fixed agreement which means that this money is corrected for the rest of the applicant’s life

These accounts are widely considered to be safer than stocks, can be withdrawn at any time, and even have monthly payouts. Once someone is enrolled in a 424(k) account, the company is contractually obligated to pay them.

More Benefits of 424(k) retirement accounts

  • Nearly 250 of America’s top companies offer this retirement program, and you don’t have to be an employee or retiree from that company
  • According to Forbes magazine, these investments are some of the most under-utilized in America, even calling it a “forgotten corner of Wall Street”
  • The head of the world’s largest independent financial research programs (The Lombardi group) found the details of these 424(k) accounts

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