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Cigan Rewards Program

  • The Cigna Healthy Rewards program offers discounts on health and wellness services, including weigh loss, fitness centers, and smoking cessation when you use participating providers
  • The Healthy Rewards program is available to customers of any CIGNA behavioral health plan
  • As long as you’re a member, there is no time limit or maximum to the amount of Healthy Rewards you can take advantage of

Because Cigna believes in helping their customers be as healthy as possible, they’ve teamed up with excellent wellness providers across a number of areas to provide discounted health related services. These services include weight loss, programs to help stop smoking, fitness clubs, alternative medicine (including acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy), and more. These services are in addition to your current medical coverage, not in place of.  This program does not apply to your  copay or coinsurance, and the choice to use the discounts is entirely optional. There is no doctor referral required, and no claim forms. Simply set the appointment yourself, and show your ID card for  savings.

  • Weight loss and weight management services are provided by Jenny Craig and by Healthyroads for Living. The latter program focuses on four elements of controlling your weight – exercise, nutrition, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques
  • Tobacco cessation is offered by Healthyroads for Living
  • For any fitness club in the American Specialty Health Network, you will receive at least a 10% discount on your monthly dues
  • For overall wellness, consider the “Just Walk 10,000 Steps a Day” program, which is an easy  and even fun way to fit regular exercise into your busy lifestyle
  • Beyond the physical body, several programs use positive mental visualization and relaxation to help people lose weight, stop smoking, lessen pain, reduce stress, and even deal with chronic illness

To contact Cigna regarding their Healthy Rewards Program:

  • CIGNA, PO Box 14577 , Des Moines, IA 50306
  • 1.800.828.348


  • www.cigna.com/rewards