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Chase QP Select Bank

  • Send money directly to another bank account from a Chase bank account by using Chase Person to Person Quick Pay
  • Money sent through the mobile app or web site with Chase Quick Pay will arrive at the recipient’s account instantly, so there’s no waiting for money to arrive
  • Chase checking account customers will need to enroll in Quick Pay to start using the service, but there is no additional charge to use Chase Person to Person Quick Pay

If the customer’s bank is listed as a member on the Chase Quick Pay site, they just choose it and will be directed to their bank’s site to finish registering. If the customer’s bank isn’t listed, they will need to finish registering on the clearXchange site including verifying their email address and waiting for trial deposits. When customers send money to a recipient that isn’t enrolled in a person to person payment service, the payment notification will be sent from Chase and will contain information on how to enroll in a person to person payment service.

Chase QP Select Bank

  • If customers don’t have a Chase checking account or Chase Liquid Card, they can not use Chase QuickPay to send or receive money from customers who use any of the participating banks in the clearXchange network
  • A must for consumers who like quick banking and are comfortable with technology
  • To contact Chase about Quick Pay Services 1-877-242-7372

How does Chase Quick Pay work?

By using the Chase Person to Person Quick Pay web site, customers can send money directly to a person with a bank account from Bank of America, Capital One, Frost, First Bank, or US Bank. Chase Quick Pay can also be used to send money straight to other banks as long as the customer signs up with Clear XChange.

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