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Cash Call Mortgage

  • Apply for a mortgage loan online and be approved in as little as 5 minutes
  • A must for consumers looking for a mortgage loan and are having a tough time being approved elsewhere
  • Offers low 30 year fixed rates

CashCallMortgage.com is operated by Impac Mortgage Group Corp. who are based at One City Blvd., West, Suite 200, Orange, CA 92868.  The firm was founded all the way back in 2003 out of California and specializes in low-interest mortgage loans, purchase transactions and mortgage refinance for borrowers.  CashCall Mortgage streamlines the application and lending process, reducing their own costs and passing these savings on to customers by undercutting larger banks and lenders with lower interest rates, no application fees or deposits.

www.CashCallMortgage.com Contact Number?

  • New Loan or Refinance (866) 708-5626
  • Loan Service (MyLoanCare) (855) 803-5909
  • Customer Service (866) 579-2962

CashCallMortgage.com Notes

  • NMLS Unique Identifier 128231
  • Offers a live chat service
  • Some applicants will be required to fax in financial documents (i.e. proof of income, stock holdings) in order to be approved for a loan
  • Cash Call Mortgage does not guarantee loans
  • Cash Call Mortgage offers VA Loans, Common Sense Loans (these come without costly closing cost), FHA Loans, and HARP Loans


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