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Boost Mobile Activation Services

  • Boost Mobile Customers can activate their devices online
  • Phone activation is the first step in Boost Mobile’s new account process
  • Once customers activate their device, they can choose their phone number , select a service plan, and complete account setup – all in just a few minutes!

BoostMobile is one of the most popular no-contract cell phone providers in the country. In keeping with its hassle-free service and extensive netowrk, he company has made device activation easier than ever, allowing you to go online and activate your device any time.

Important Information

  • The activation process contains a total of seven steps, starting with identifying the device via the ESN/MEID number and ending with confirming your plan and payment
  • Activation takes just a few minutes, but if you’re interrupted, no worries – you can log in any time and pick up right where you left off
  • You won’t be able to use your device until you complete activation
  • You’ll need to have your device on hand before you begin the process
  • Boost Mobile will automatically link your phone to your customer account during activation

Before proceeding with the activation, have your phone nearby, know which plan you want to select, and have a payment method ready to go. This will ensure your activation process goes off without a hitch, making sure you’ll be able to your phone as quickly as possible

Activating Your Device

  • Go to the boost mobile activation portal
  • Enter the requested ESN/MEID number in the requested box (double check for accuracy before clicking “Start Activation Process”)
  • Once Boost Mobile has identified your device, follow the prompts. Follow instructions carefully, because some activation steps will take place on the computer, and some will take place on your phone
  • Select your phone number and plan options, make a payment, and start using your phone immediately!

Boost Mobile makes it easy to activate your device. It’s a flexible, intuitive service that lets you activate your phone and set up your account when it’s convenient for you. Check out more at www.boostmobile.com/activate


  • www.boostmobile.com/activate