www.bestbuy.com delivery service – Best Buy Appliance Delivery

Best Buy Delivery Service (home and business)

  • When you purchase an appliance or other large item from Best Buy’s website, it’s easy to schedule convenient home delivery
  • Delivery also involves unpacking your item and placing it where you request
  • Installation is often a separate purchase and requires an additional fee

One of the best things about purchasing a new appliance using Best Buy’s website is how convenient it is to schedule home delivery. Included with your delivery package is unpacking, disposal of packing materials, and placement of your new appliance, connection to basic electrical outlets (or existing water lines for refrigerators), testing to make sure your appliance is operational at room temperature, leveling (if required by the manufacturer), installation of any manufacturer supplied safety devices like anti-tip brackets, and haul away and recycling of the old appliance.

  • If no water lines already exist, refrigerator installation will require service of a professional plumber
  • This is not a service that would be covered under Best Buy’s traditional plan
  • For a range, any gas lines must be disconnected (with the shut-off valve present and turned off) prior to arrival of your delivery team
  • A washer will be connected to existing hot and cold water lines and drain only if new hoses are used
  • Installation of a dryer will only happen when the gas line to existing dryer is disconnected (with shut-off valve present and turned off) prior to the arrival of your delivery team
  • A gas connection will only be made if you have a new flex line
  • Air conditioners are typically shipped via FedEx or UPS, so the Best Buy delivery team will not be able to help you with installation
  • All other appliances will be placed where you designate, but no other service will be done

To contact Best Buy regarding appliance delivery, use:

  • 1-888-BEST-BUY