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Bank of America NY Refund

  • The MasterCard-branded prepaid debit card is now issued by the New York Tax Department in regards to income tax refunds
  • This debit card can be used as cash and is NOT a credit card (meaning it will not effect the holders credit score)
  • The state of New York has started using these debit cards because they are more flexible alternative to paper check refunds and easier to use

The Bank of America NY Refund service is free to use and news users who just received their refund card will have to activate it online.  Please note that this pre paid debit card is optional and citizens can still request a paper check from the New York State Tax Department if desired.  In order to receive a Bank of America NY Refund card irt must be requested at the time of filing taxes otherwise the person will receive a check by mail.

Bank of America NY Refund Comments

  • Ideal for people who dislike paper checks and the time they waste (plus paper waste)
  • Funds can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and customers can obtain cash at any ATMs and PIN-based point-of-sale (POS) terminals
  • The card can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted
  • Users do not need a BOA account as a Bank of America account will be created in the person’s name in the amount of the tax refund
  • This is not a permanent account and once the funds have been used the account will be discontinued
  • Tax payers who mistakenly received a BOA NY refund debit card and want to change to a paper check should NOT activate the card

Any questions about the Bank of America NY Refund card can be directed to the BOA US-based call center at 1.888.373.2881 (voice), or TTY 1.866.656.5913. Outside the U.S., call collect at 423.262.1650.

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