www.bankofamerica.com/MIUIADebitCard – Activate UIA Debit Card (Guide and Review)


The Michigan UIA Debit Card is designed for people in the state of Michigan (legal residents) who collect unemployment benefits

To access the site please visit www.bankofamerica.com/miuiadebitcard and follow the on-screen instructions.

You must be 18 years of age or older and collecting unemployment benefits in the state of Michigan (which just about everyone is nowadays).

With this top of the line Mastercard , you will be able to access your UIA funds 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Michigan UIA Debit Card Uses

  •  You don’t need a bank account to use your debit card
  • Use the card to buy what you want, when you want until the money is depleted
  • Make purchases in stores, online and on the phone
  • Bank of America will back the card funds 100%
  • Find an ATM location in your area

Bank Of America MIUIA Debit Card

  • With the UIA debit card program, you can have your Michigan unemployment benefits loaded directly to a debit card
  • Login to your UIA debit card to view your current balance or check transactions
  • You won’t have to deal with the hassle of check-cashing fees, and there’s no fee for using your UIA debit card

Dealing with unemployment is never an easy task, and it’s even more difficult if you have to go out of your way to receive your benefits.

That’s why the state of Michigan has a debit card program set up specifically for their unemployment benefits.

The Michigan UIA debit card is an excellent alternative to receiving a check for your unemployment benefits.

It’s accepted anywhere you see the Mastercard logo, and you don’t need a bank account with Bank of America .

Once you have your UIA account set up online, you can login with your user name or card number to see how much of a balance is currently on your card.

You can also see what transactions you’ve made recently.

Signing up for a Michigan unemployment debit card is simple. When you’re submitting your initial paperwork to start your benefits, simply choose the debit card as your form of payment instead of a paper check.

You’ll actually get your money a little faster when you have it loaded to your UIA debit card, as you don’t have to wait for it to process through the mail. It’s also much safer than having a check go through the mail.

If you’re receiving unemployment benefits in Michigan, there’s no reason not to choose the UIA debit card as your payment method. It’s faster, it’s more convenient, and it’s more secure!

Michigan UIA Debit Card Contact

  • Bank of America Michigan UIA Debit Card Cardholder Services, P.O. Box 8488 Gray, Tennessee 37615-8488
  • 1.866.436.1964
  • Email not found


The Bank of America Michigan UIA Debit Card is required for those who collect unemployment benefits in the state of Michigan. The card is easy to use and funds can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week” – Carl H. Houston, TX (prior Michigan resident)

A good debit card for those who collect UI benefits… just remember this card is a debit card (not credit) and once the funds have been used up you won’t be able to use the card again until the card has been reloaded” – Samuel J. Detroit, MI

Such a better option that direct deposit or waiting for a check by mail… you fet your money faster!” – Amy H. Detroit, MI

Bottom Line

They should have came up with idea years ago as it helps people get their unemployment payments super fast.

You can get access to cash at point of sale terminals, ATMs, and at Mastercard banks and credit unions.


  1. www.bankofamerica.com/MIUIADebitCard