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Transfer AT&T Wireless Accounts

  • AT&T offers an easy, hassle-free way for customers to offload their wireless contracts
  • The company’s wireless account transfer offer lets you transfer your account to another party
  • Wireless Account Transfer is an easy process that lets customers bypass service hundreds of dollars in cancellation fees

AT&T now allows customers to transfer billing responsibility. This means you can transfer your phone lines to another AT&T account holder, absolving you of all billing responsibility.

Important Information

  • In order to transfer billing responsibility, your account has to be current, active, and a minimum of sixty days old
  • You have to find a person who will take over your contract – AT&T won’t find another account holder for you
  • The new account holder must be a legal adult, and they have to pass a credit check before AT&T will transfer your phones to their account
  • The new account holder must assume responsibility for the remainder of your contract term, whether it’s one month or twenty-two
  • Once the new account holder accepts the transfer, they’re responsible for the bill, contract term, and the account itself

AT&T makes the transfer process easy. Just log in to your myAT&T to start the process. You can also visit an AT&T retail location or contact their customer service center for assistance.

Initiating the Transfer Process?

  • Log into myAT&T
  • Select “Transfer Billing Responsibility” from the Billing, Usage, and Payments Menu
  • Click the radio button for the account you intend to transfer, enter the requested information, and submit the request.

AT&T’s Billing Responsibility Transfer is a flexible account option that eliminates costly cancellation fees and your contractual obligation. If you run into any difficulties initiating the transfer, or if you simply have more questions, contact AT&T customer support at 800-331-0500.