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AT&T High Speed Internet Test

  • Measure how long your computer takes to communicate with the Internet to see if you can make any changes to improve performance
  • To start, disconnect as many devices that are connected to your Internet as possible
  • Entering an e-mail address is not required, but is useful for AT&T to help improve service quality and to help aid technical support if you encounter any issues

In today’s digital world, Internet speed means more than it ever has before. This test from AT&T measures how long your computer takes to communicate with the Internet. You can use this information to make changes to improve performance

This speed test takes less than a minute, and considers several factors: download speed (which is the speed that data is sent from the Internet to your computer) and upload speed (which is the speed that data is sent from your computer to the Internet). Latency and jitter are also taken into account, as both of these factors could influence your speed.

  • A low speed does not necessarily indicate a problem with your AT&T service, as there are a lot of factors that could temporarily or permanently influence your Internet speed
  • Review the online self help guide to find out more about these factors and what you can do to improve your Internet speed
  • Once the test is completed, you will receive your download and upload Internet speed in Mbps (in addition to your KB/sec transfer rate), plus the estimated speeds for a music file and video clip. At this point, you will be given the chance to optimize your connection by changing settings on your software and your computer, as well as your physical connection
  • The “Troubleshoot and Resolve” tool will investigate any problems and offer a potential solution

To contact AT&T regarding this Internet speed test

  • 1 (800) 331-0500