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  • By using the Arkansas Streamline Vehicle Renewal web site, residents of Arkansas can renew their vehicles easily and quickly online
  • A valid credit card or electronic check information will be needed to make payment online for a car renewal in Arkansas
  • Once residents renew their registration in Arkansas online, it will take a minimum of 5 business days for mail delivery of the new registration decal

To renew an Arkansas vehicle online, residents just need to have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder notice that has the Renewal Identification Number as well as the Verification Code. The Arkansas vehicle STAR renewal system can be used to renew multiple vehicles at one time as long as they are within the 90 day renewal period. Vehicles do not have to be registered at the same address. There is no additional charge to use the Arkansas STAR system to renew a vehicle registration online.

Before renewing an Arkansas vehicle license plate online, residents are required under Arkansas Law to have current liability insurance, and they are required to assess their vehicle with the county assessor (meaning pay all personal property taxes that are owed). The only drivers that can’t use the Arkansas STAR system are trucks registered at one ton or larger, trailers, boats, special license plates that have additional documentary requirements (like Justice of the Peace Plate, firefighter plates, search and rescue plates, and Civil Air Patrol Plates).

Can an Arkansas vehicle registration be renewed without the renewal reminder document?

If residents don’t have their Arkansas Renewal Reminder, they can renew their Arkansas registration by using the last four digits of their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), their car’s current License Plate Number and their Arkansas Zip Code.

To contact the state of Arkansas about a vehicle registration

  • Office of Motor Vehicle, P.O. Box 3153, Little Rock, AR 72203
  • (800) 941-2580

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